Engelstalige cursus over Christen-Zionisme

Dr. Gustavo Perednik

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Want to gain a deeper, richer understanding of the Christian role in Israel’s prophetic rebirth? We’ve got something special for you: a special 4-part interactive online course taught by Israeli researcher, author and teacher Dr. Gustavo Perednik.

In his own words, he wants to help us ‘better understand Israel and to value its importance for Western Civilization and the world at large (…) to not only provide infor­ma­tion to anyone interested in the subject but give tools to every supporter of Israel who wants to expound the Zionist cause. Such a task, for us Zionists, is a way to improve the world. Since Jews in the Diaspora do not have the commitment to Israel that they had in the past, Christian Zionism can play an essential role in the defense of the Jewish state, namely the defense of freedom.’

Dr. Gustavo Perednik has fascinating insights into Christian approaches to Israel. He claims: ‘A Christian should be a Zionist, because Christianity loses its identity when it neglects Jewish history, including the return of the Jews to Zion.’

A Course on Chistian Zionism

The course presents the role of Christian personalities and groups in the inception and fulfillment of Zionism and the Jewish State, tracing its roots within the framework of Zionist history. The course deals with the metamorphosis of the image of the Jew in Christian texts since Henry Finch, the influence of the King James Version, Restorationism, Oliphant’s work in Eretz Yisrael, the presence of Christian Zionism in literature, the Balfour Declaration, and the main Christian contributions to the establishment and consolidation of Israel (see full syllabus below).

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Course Schedule:

Lesson 1:
Sunday, September 5, 20:00 Jerusalem Time

Lesson 2: Sunday, September 12, 20:00 Jerusalem Time

Lesson 3: Sunday, September 19, 20:00 Jerusalem Time

Lesson 4: Sunday, October 3, 20:00 Jerusalem Time

N.B. 20.00 Jerusalem Time is 19.00 West Eropean Time.

Join Dr. Gustavo Perednik and take a journey with the fascinating people, beliefs, history and global impact behind Christian Zionism and its key role in the rebirth of the Jewish Nation of Israel.

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Meet the teacher

has lectured in fifty countries around the world and published 20 books. He headed the Four-Year Program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he was distinguished as Outstanding Lecturer. He currently lectures on the History of Zionism and Philosophy on which he also concluded doctoral studies in New York, complemented at the Sorbonne of Paris, Uppsala of Sweden, and San Marcos of Peru. He lives with his family in Jerusalem.

Join us. The most exciting chapter has yet to be written and may occur in our day! See full syllabus:

A Course on Chistian Zionism

Instructor: Dr. Gustavo D. Perednik

Description: The course presents the role of Christian groups and personalities in the inception and fullfilment of Zionism, tracing their contributions from its early roots.



  • On the definition of Zionism and its foundations. The vision of the Jewish nation, its land and destiny within the Christian worldview, from the Early Church Fathers to the renewal of Millenarianism.
  • The King James Version and the English. The “revolutionary book” by Henry Finch. Restorationism: Thomas Brightman; the Puritans and the Mayflower.


  • Oliver Cromwell. The Ryswick Peace Conference of 1697. French Restorationism: from Isaac de la Peyrère and Philippe de Langallerie to the Proclamation of Napoleon.
  • The theological revival during the 18th century and its expansion during the 19th century. The cases of the Christadelphians and the Plymouth Brethen in England, and the foundation of the American Adventist Movement, among others.


  • The revolt of Mohammed Ali and English Restorationism in the 1830’s. From Lord Shaftesbury to George Gawler and Lord Palmerston. The British Consulate in Jerusalem. Charles Churchill and Montefiore. The Crimean War and the renewal of French Restorationism: Laharanne, Dunant, and Petavel’s Memorandum.
  • The new hopes of Christian Zionists due to Benjamin Disraeli and the defeat of Turkey in 1878. The Congress of Berlin and the failed Memorandum. Zionist utopias penned by Christians. Laurence Oliphant.


  • From William Hechler to the First World War. The Nili and the road to the Balfour Declaration.
  • John Patterson and the Jewish Legion. Prominent Christians during the struggle for the establishment of the State: John Stanley Grauel, Orde Wingate and self-defence.
  • Christian Zionist groups nowadays. The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The struggle against Anti-Zionism.


Classics, 20th century

  1. Nahum Sokolow: History of Zionism 1600-1918 (1919).
  2. Barbara W. Tuchman: Bible and Sword – England and Palestine from the Bronze Age (1956).
  3. Franz Kobler: The Vision was There – A history of the British movement for the restoration of the Jews to Palestine (1956).
  4. Lawrence J. Epstein: Zion’s Call – Christian Contributions to the Origins and Development of Israel (1984).
  5. Michael J. Pragai: Faith and Fulfilment -Christians and the Return to the Promised Land (1985).
  6. Richard I. Cohen (ed.): Vision and Conflict in the Holy Land (1985).

21st century

  1. Paul Merkley: The Politics of Christian Zionism 1891–1948 (1998); Christian Attitudes Towards the State of Israel (2001).
  2. Yaakov Ariel: An Unusual Relationship: Evangelical Christians and Jews (2013).
  3. Robert O. Smith: More Desired than Our Owne Salvation – The Roots of Christian Zionism (2013).
  4. Andrew Crome: Christian Zionism and English National Identity, 1600–1850 (2018).


  1. Hertzel Fishman: American Protestantism and the Jewish State (1973).
  2. Norman Anthony Rose: The Gentile Zionists – A Study in Anglo-Zionist Diplomacy 1929-1939 (1973).
  3. Franz Kobler: Napoleon and the Jews (1976).
  4. Yona Malachi: American Fundamentalism and Israel (1978).
  5. Jan Willem van der Hoeven: Babylon or Jerusalem? (1993).

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